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"The Beginnings of the Hamtramck Police Reserves"


     Following the war that ended in 1945, there sprung up many groups of civic minded people throughout the United States who were willing and eager to share their concerns toward their fellow man.  Among these many groups, Hamtramck too found itself within these dedicated realms of concern within it’s' citizenry.  The Office of Civil Defense, as they were named, consisted of local Hamtramck male residents who from this time on, April 1946, found themselves being briefed and trained in the fields of social protection.  This group of approximately 150 men was required to attend local training programs at the Hamtramck High School, conducted by Stanley Pudlo, a detective in the Hamtramck Police Department, in areas of crowd control, arrest procedures, communication, traffic control as well as basic first aid.


     Shortly afterwards, the group, due to its' overwhelming dedication and virtuosity; which became apparent through the respect and dependence the total community placed upon them, became an organized unit drawing up bylaws that paralleled and reiterated those of the Hamtramck Police Department.  The years 1947- 49, the organization, under its' new title, The Hamtramck Police Reserves, became the 1st. of its kind in the State of Michigan.


     Each year since the time of its' initial effort to render service to this community, the Hamtramck Police Reserves have aided the Police Department with patrol support(Patrolling in uniform in a police car),traffic accidents and crowd control, community events; festivals, parades, sporting events, and crime prevention activities.


     Being a non-profit and non-political organization, the Police Reserves have been able, through the city's administrative backing, the merchants' recognition, and the citizen's support continue to exist and develop for the past 67 years.



 If you have a chance to look through our entire website, you will find pictures from the present and the past of our officers, vehicles, and other interesting documents.

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