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Current Members




I would like to take a moment to thank the current members of the Hamtramck Police Reserves for their dedication and duty to this unit.  Without their ambition and drive, this group would not be where we are today.


Chief Kevin Szuminski

Deputy Chief Richard Dobek


Lieutenant Mark Radtke

Lieutenant William Wilford

Lieutenant Jeremy Bist

Lieutenant Melanie Babij-Ryska


Sergeant Mario Agueros

Sergeant Joseph Willis

Sergeant Jason Ryska

Sergeant Scott Marcero


Officer Ken Hawthorne

Officer Gordon McCarty

Officer James Sullivan

Officer Luigi Gjokaj

Officer Linda Counsel

Officer Jerome Brown

Officer Chris Redziniak

Officer John Graham

Officer Jamie Kitchen

Officer Jacob Gonzalez

Officer Ryan Sarkozy

Officer Charles Baker

Officer Mohammed Huda

Officer Renata Konopka

Officer Pawel Machowski

Officer Zlatko Nastoski

Officer Brandon Hopper

Officer John Dugay

Officer James Harkins

Officer Bob Eskamlaji

Officer Robert Hamilla

Officer Justin Ash

Officer Lukasz Jaszczur

 Officer Sage Wiggins

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